Compass Motel
Ocean Ave & E Rosemary Rd
Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260

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We stayed in this motel for a weekend last June. When we were getting ready to check out I noticed several large welts on my arms. I knew exactly what they were because we had a issue with bed bugs in the past. We immediately lifted the mattress and sure enough there was a bed bug crawling under it. We immediately called the front desk and a young man came up to our room. He agreed that it was a bed bug. He sent us down to the office to talk to the owner who was completely apologetic and emba

rrassed. She gave us a full refund. I felt bad for her but not as bad as I felt for us. We had to put all of our belongings into black garage bags and go right to the laundromat to clean them in hot water and dry on high heat. I always check under the mattress when I check into a hotel but for some reason I did not this time. Just goes to show...never let your guard down.

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