Beau Rivage Motor Inn
9103 Atlantic Ave
Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260

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***Dispute Resolved***

I, the author of the statement indicated below on July 12th, 2014 have requested to have the previous post removed from this website as it is no longer necessary, however, the developers of this website have not yet responded.

I verify that we have spoken with the management of this property, who has taken all steps necessary to address the situation in a timely and efficient manner. We have known the hotel management and staff for over 15 years and feel confide

nt that they took every precaution necessary to address our concerns. The hotel is very clean and well maintained, which is why we have been long standing patrons. An exterminator was on location shortly after notifying the hotel staff, to inspect the room. During a 3 hour search, no evidence of such insects were found. A cleaning and pesticide spray, to prevent any such infestation, was then conducted. Further inspection confirmed there are no current issues at this property.

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We moved out after one night after finding a bug from fixing the sheets on the pullout mattress from the couch in the morning. We took a photo and emailed it to an exterminator to confirm. He wasted no time confirming it was indeed a bed bug. Management gave us a full refund deposit included but didnt seem surprised. We have spent hundreds of dollars so far trying to recoup all of our luggage and non-washables that we had to throw out. 4 days of cleaning and washing is not really a vacation al

ong with the overwhelming stress and depression from this situation. Had to leave items in the car in black garbage bags for 4 days. They are hard to erradicate.Thanks alot!

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