Cove Point Motel
1609 S Bay Ave
Point Pleasant Boro, NJ 08742

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Just discovered this site...if I had known about it when this transpired I'd have reported it then to save others! My aunt stayed at the Cove Point Motel after a hospital stay to temporarily be closer to family members who could care for her. She checked in directly after hospital discharge so the chances of bugs being on her person is unlikely. While caring for her we saw bites on her body and after awhile (I'm scratching just THINKING about it) we noticed bugs scurrying about on her and her st

uff and on the bed. My aunt being a tad cantankerous could not be convinced to move elsewhere and so until months later when she took ill and had to be hospitalized again our only recourse was to stop going there for fear of bringing home bugs to our own houses. Very sad situation. The place is SO infested we can't believe they're still in operation. Horrifying!

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October 15, 2010 i came from Maine to visit my fiance who is working down here on a construction project. We noticed bites on his legs to begin with and two nights later i awoke to find a bug crawling accross my chest. The front desk did not seem concerned about it, however we are moving to another hotel, and i have spent all day taking pictures of the multiple bed bugs we have found as well as sanitizing and cleaning everything we own so as not to transport them with us.

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