Tropicana Casino & Resort
Brighton & The Boardwalk, Atlantic City
Atlantic City, NJ

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Jan 1st 2016
Havana Tower Room 5623
Friend got bit on face. Found bed bug in bed. Went to front desk. Most rude and unhelpful manager Karen never even apologized. Finally moved to another tower which we had to fight for. Took shower and found one on towel that must have hitchhiked on us. Completely disgusted by both the bugs and managements handling of this situation. We don't want a stupid $50 credit we want to be able to put our clothes in a dryer so we don't bring them home and they won't e

ven do that.

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8/16/14 Room 5703 Havana tower. We had been in the room since 5:00 ish. Went to the Restaurant downstairs and came back to room. Went to bed around 10:30 pm. Had my head and neck laying on one pillow. Awoke to itchy neck around 11:10. Noticed 2 bites. Asked husband to look. Went in bathroom turned on light 11 bites running down my shoulders. Confirmed bites using google images. Took pics and called hotel management 11:22 pm. Explained situation. Security arrived in couple minutes. Told story.

Husband had no bites. I really think it was in the pillow. Too freaked out to look. Husband had put 4 Pillows on the floor. Gave us a new room quickly. Had to take room husband on couch trying to get some sleep for long drive home. I took shower immediately. Still freaked out and still itchy. Security would not give me the case number. I called Risk Management left my name and number for him to return my call. Both hotel management and security say it it out if their hands now.

Never again will I stay here. Smoke is the worst of any hotel and now BED BUGS!! EWWW!

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My daughter and I stayed at The Tropicana in room 1020 in The North Tower on March 16th. I checked the room and bed on arrival and even before going to sleep. I awoke on the morning of the 17th and found a bedbug in my bed. I was extremely disgusted. I trapped it in a cup and called security. They came to inspect the bedbug and offered me another room since we were staying another night. I opted to depart that day and just arrived home. I am very upset and washed everything as soon as we arr

ived home. My parents, sister and her family were also there, but did not see any bedbugs in their room. They were freaked out by the whole thing and were afraid their rooms may have bedbugs also. We all returned home. They did not charge us for the room for the 17th as we checked out, but could not say if I will receive a credit for the 16th. I have to follow up with the claims dept. My family nor I will never go back to the Tropicana. It was very disappointing.

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Stayed at trip on 10/7/2013. Was ate up on bites room 2083 in south tower..OMG

I stayed at Tropicana Havana Towers room 5703 the first week of May 2013 for 3 nights. While there my husband killed a bug on the bed and we noticed a small amount of blood on the sheets. My face started itching the following morning. We came to realize that these were bed bug bites, very itchy welts that I had in multiple areas of my body. I filed a report with security to make them aware. I never had this problem before and am reluctant to return to stay in this hotel.

On April 8th, 2013, in rm 6124 - Havana Towers, at approximately 1:10 a.m., woke up to something biting me on the face. Turned on light to see this huge bedbbug on the sheets. Called the front desk and security responded to rm. He took pic of bedbug in the bed (which I contained by placing a cup over it). I also took pic of a bedbug dead on the carpet. Left rm to speak with the Hotel Manager, who was no where to be found. Front Desk staff could not locate him for over an hr., but knew he was n

ot on a sceduled break. When Managee decided to show up, he never apologized for having me wait for him, and seemed very unconcerned about me having been bit in my face by bedbugs.Must be a problem they are very familiar with! Offered another room, but I declinded. Did not want to sleep anywhere in that hotel!!!!

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Checkid in on 1/19/13 and found bed bugs on glue boards at head end of bed. Had bites on chest, neck and legs. They moved me to different room. Bed Bugs were found in Havana Tower

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