Tropicana Casino
Brighton And Boardwalk Avenues
Atlantic City, NJ
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Checked in to room 1276 in the south tower. first thing my wife did was pull up the sheets. the corner of the mattress in the crease by the seams had a whole cluster of bed bugs and the mattress was covered with blood stains.

I was at the Tropican from May 13, 2011 through the 15th in the West Tower. When we were leaving the elevator bank, I heard a woman on the phone saying they had bed bugs and were switching rooms.

I didn't see any bed bugs but i was not looking for them. However upon returning home I started getting these welts on my arms which were very itcy. I googled and saw what the marks of bed bugs were. Sure enough i had bed bugs. It is costing me over $2,000 to get rid of them. My arm was severly

bitten and swollen.

I'm going to notify the Trop about this. My husband and I have been going 4 or 5 times a year for many years. I'm emotionally a wreak about this and have severe anxiety for the past few weeks.

Please check all of your rooms at the Trop.

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I assure you the comfort of our guests is extremely important to us, and we take any issues regarding bedbugs very seriously. We have extensive training for our housekeeping staff, we conduct thorough inspections, and we promptly address any incidents. We have hotel representatives available 24 hours a day to assist our customers.

Karen Curley
AVP of Resort Operations
Tropicana Casino & Resort

I was at a convention at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino from Sept. 29th-Oct 1st. I came home I woke up Friday morning with several bites on my left arm, right foor and several on the back and right side of my neck that took about 2 wks to finally heal to where I was not itching them to the point that they were raw. I husband called the hotel manager on duty on Friday afternoon just to let them know. Not to get anything out of it. They just said "yeah thanks for telling us" and that was that. Ve

ry nonchallant. Please check your beds carefully! I will definitely look a little better next time I stay anywhere. Kelly

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