Harrahs Casino Hotel Atlantic City
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Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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Security think their shit but they are NOT! Security rough up on me a women and they harassed me!!!! They would not like it if it was done to them or their family, mother, sister, brother, son, father, mother whatever you are, fucking cock suckers at Harrahs and bed bugs and molded batheroom! Get the fuck out of here!

November 6, 2015,
Inside the bathroom there is mold everywhere, carpet is dirty with white fucking stain, people in the place are crappy Assholes fucks!! Including this fucking 5 feet man who thinks hes all tough and shit but this phillies (filipiano/asain) thinks he is all tough because he is. Fucking 5 feet small pussy ass guy trying to act like a tough guy!

Several dates ; my husband and I frequently stay at Harrahs !
The first thing I do with every visit is check for bed bugs. I have never came across any. I never leave home without a can of lysol. I am a complete Germaphobic, I spray
EVERYTHING in the room but after reading these reviews I going to really have a hard time spending my vacation at the hotel or any to be honest. How are you suppose to enjoy your vacation when you hear these horror stories ?

Recently stayed at Harrah's Atlantic City Room 840. First night 12/20 was bitten all over my body, head, arms, neck, legs. Huge welts and horrible itching followed next few days.
Reported to hotel and told them not to put anyone in that room. Finally someone called back and apologized stating I will be notified in next few days as to what happened.
I was extremely disappointed as I have stayed at location numerous times and did not have a problem. This has completely ruined my Holiday plan

s. Harrah's needs to step up and acknowledge they have a bed bug problem.

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This past weekend my friends and I stayed in the Waterfront Tower. We weren't in the room much, but our suitcases were. While there we didn't see any bed bugs or experience any bites...

Fast forward to a week later back in NYC and my boyfriend has woken up for the past two days with bed bug bites. He had not had this problem prior to our stay at Harrah's. We have an exterminator coming to our apartment tomorrow.

I just filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme court against Harrah's for being being bitten a few hundred times all over my body, while a guest at Harrah's waterfront Tower in early November 2009. Once I noticed bugs in the room, I called the front desk at least three to complain, but to no avail. Upon checking out the next day, I informed the clerk, who tried to tell me that the bites may be allergies. When I pointed out that I do not have allergies and I know the difference between a bite and an

allergic reaction and asked to speak with a manager, it took more than 10 minutes before one arrived and another 10 for security to escort me to the nurse's station. I was checked out and given hydrocortizone to put on the bites. When I said I hope that it's not bed bugs, the nuse then told me that they have a lot of that going around there. Upon a follow-up visit with my doctor and taking the two bugs I found in the hotel room, she assured me it was in fact bed bugs and advised me to throw out all belongings that I brought home because bed bugs are transferable. It was too late, I brought the bugs home with me. I called Harrah's risk manager immediately, so they could put the room out of service, but she never returned my call. After about four days, I received a call from Harrah's insurance company, but informed them that I already consulted a lawyer.

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In March we were in the waterfront tower and in June we stayed in the Marina tower, since then our home has become infested and we are certain it came form Harrahs.
We will be writing to see if we get an explanation, we will not be staying at Harrahs or possibly Atlantic City ever again.

November 12-14 2010.

My family and I planned what we thought was going to be an enjoyable weekend away, that was until Rooms 505 and 507 in the Harbour Tower were infested with bed bugs. Checking in seemed average, got into our rooms, unpacked and started planning our night. After returning to the room around 3am, to our surprise, we move something on the night stand to find bugs scouring about, and with further investigation found them crawling between the sheets.
Absolutely freaked out, w

e call the front desk where we were put on hold for 15+ minutes.. as if it were NO BIG DEAL. In the meantime, I left my sister to stay on hold and I headed for the front desk. In coordinated efforts to have the problem resolved, she finally got someone on the phone, where she was offered a “night maid to come clean the room for her”. Anyone with half a brain cell would be able to tell you with the amount of bugs in our room, a maid working to her fullest capability would not be able to rid these bugs in a suitable fashion to have guests stay there comfortably. My experience at the front desk was no better. I waited approximately 10 minutes behind 2 guests who had a key malfunction and their TV wasn’t working. Tapping my foot impatiently, I would have liked to offer them a bed bug in exchange for their broken TV. Finally it was my turn and I offered them a piece of my mind. I stated that there were bed bugs in our room, and that I refuse to stay in that tower. Apparently, their staff is not trained in customer service, because it then took another 10 minutes for a manager to come out and address the situation. I feel in what I consider a reputable hotel this is unacceptable. Tyler H. was the manager on that night, and I had given him a great deal of credit (at the time). Originally, they had tried to argue the fact that we had 2 adjoining rooms, that they would comp. one room and the other room would be okay. Once again, google “bed bugs”--- they move very quickly and travel quite a distance. How in the world would they think they weren’t in the other room. After minimal negotiation, he agreed to comp. both rooms and put us in Suite 28100 where he assured that this would sleep 6 guests comfortably and he’s “sorry about the inconvenience”. At this point, it was 4:30 in the morning, I had to return to the bug infested room, pack up my things that were hopefully bug free, and they 7 of us had to trek across the hotel to the waterfront tower. No sooner do we get into that room, we realize it had one king size bed, and a couch. Sleeping 6 comfortably in my mind was not possible and would require more than one bed. In our tired state, we called for cot’s which became another 45 minute ordeal. My parents gave up, they left and went to the borgata, which is definitely where we will be staying in the future.

Day 2- After our minimal 3 hour sleep, we had to go down to the front desk to find our 3rd room in 24 hours and pack our belongings yet again. Conveniently, the morning staff had no knowledge of what took place the night before. I personally have never encountered bed bugs, and didn’t really want to either—this situation to me was a big deal. It would be nice if you had a morning manager with an ounce of credibility as he lies and tells us he has never in all the time working for Harrahs has heard of bed bugs in their hotels, but then later in conversation starts explaining to my father the exterminating process using CO2. Don’t worry he back pedaled so quickly by saying he read about it online and exited the conversation by saying he had to get his superior. He was then the second person that reiterated that the rooms from Friday were complementary and he made us a new reservation, 2 rooms in the waterfront tower at a negotiated rate. All was seemingly fine and well and we were in agreement that at least we could try and make the best of the trip on our last day. Thinking the worst was behind us, we check out Sunday morning to find in fact they only comped ONE room for 2 nights, and we were subsequently charged for Friday and Saturday for our stay for a bug infested room. Management at this establishment is terrible and when questioned about the unreasonable charge, they retaliate with “there is not a police report so prove it” not to mention that the gentleman that we spoke to on Saturday morning was the same person that checked us out on Sunday morning where he too pretended he was not aware of the situation. Risk Management was not mentioned to us until a phone call was made to the hotel after we returned home. Come to find out, Tyler H. who I thought presented himself rather respectfully, put details in the computer that were untruthful and made false promises to keep me “happy” at the front desk so others weren’t aware of the situation. I would like to know where Harrahs trains their employees to have such lying tactics and selective hearing. I am thoroughly disgusted with my stay there and would not recommend it to anyone I care about. I will say this much, every guest that I came in contact with during my stay in Atlantic City, I made sure to share my story with them and found that their were others in a similar situation to us. I will continue to spread the word in efforts to deter people from this hotel, not just because of my experience but because it is a concern for the safety and well-fare of others.

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check out the Trip Advisor and search hotels in Atlantic City for bedbugs....Harrahs is listed along with may others as having a big bed bug problem.

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