Best Westerm Envoy Inn
1416 Pacific Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401-8011

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Bed bugs can be eliminated in 1 treatment by using a specialist. Only use pest control companies who are BedBug Chasers equipped

I stayed at the Envoy Inn in the end of August and not only did I find bed bugs in my room (which I put one in a cup and took to the front desk) but I also ended up finding them in my car on the way home. My girlfriend and I both had red welts on our legs from them biting. I ended up paying almost $90 to clean out my car, clean everything that was in the hotel room and for a mattress protector to make sure that I didn't infest my home with the bugs. I first tried to contact the hotel about the i

ssue in September, and they directed me to Priceline, through which I booked my hotel. Priceline informed me then that the hotel manager would be the one to refund me and that they had to speak with them. Priceline left several messages on the answering machine for the manager over a period of 4 and a half months. Finally today, I called the hotel and got ahold of this manager. He was EXTREMELY rude to me, questioning why I was just now calling, as if Priceline and myself hadn't called already, and then told me he would refund me $50. I have to say this was the BIGGEST waste of money and time. I would have rather slept in my car, or better yet, not even gone on vacation for all the hastle that I dealt with. It was the worst vacation ever.

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