Magnolia Hotel Omaha
1615 Howard St
Omaha, NE

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I want to report some facts on this case.

When this guest reported the problem, we moved him immediatley, comped his stay, washed his clothes, wrote him a check immediatley for his new luggage and moved him to another room and included a 5:00PM check out...all at no charge.

We reported the problem to our exterminator who came the same day and exterminated the room and the surrounding rooms as well. They did not ever find a single bed bug, or any other kind of bug during their visit but we

nt ahead with the procedure.

Magnolia Hotel
Room 319

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Room 319 on Monday September 21, 2009. Sound asleep in what seemed to be a clean room in an upscale hotel, I awoke to a small bug crawling into my ear. I sprang up and swatted it away, then I killed it. Immediately I began researching bedbugs online, and my research was conclusive. Indeed this was a bed bug. The hotel comp'd my room, agreed to pay for new luggage and washed all my clothing in hot water. The staff was helpful but still I would have obviously chosen to stay elsewhere had I k

nown this in advance

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