The Cornhusker Marriott Hotel
333 S 13th St
Lincoln, NE

Found 3 reports:

May, 2013.

I stayed here for two nights because of my daughter's graduation from the university in town. When I talked to Sheila at the desk about finding a bedbug in our room, she was incredibly rude and condescending. And that was the end of it. We were never compensated in any way.

I'd keep my distance. We had to throw out everything we had with us for the weekend.

Stayed there in 2012. It ended up costing me 4,000.00 dollars! Had to have my home treated. The hotels make it impossible to admit it was from them. We did not stay anywhere else!
Learn how to check for bedbugs and make sure no matter where you stay..check!

October 2009
Stayed in room and discovered bites the next day. When confronted the hotel lied and said they had had it checked. 2 days later the GM called and said they were having it checked out. Hotel claimed that the room was not infested. Would not stay there if I was you.

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