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Lincoln, NE 68508-1311

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Myself and 4 family members stayed in two rooms on the 5th and 6th floors respectively. Both rooms proved to have an issue. 6th floor proved to be the worst with my father suffering from 48 itchy bites alone. 5th floor not so bad, as out of 2 beds in the room, only bites came from one of them. Staff reimbursed for one room, and only took my complaints about the second.

UPDATE to June 21 and 22, 2014 stay. We are getting a full refund on multiple rooms our family was in.

Our whole family stayed in this hotel with multiple rooms on the 13th floor June 21 and 22. We did not actually see any bed bugs, but almost all of us (there were 15 of us total) had bites covering our legs, arms and groin area. We are in the process now of contacting the hotel.

On 6/7/2014 bed bugs were found in a room on the 13th floor. I can't remember the specific room number.

I stayed in this Hotel Feb 5th hotel said all rooms were cleaned and inspected had a great time and no problems would stay there again.

Checked in on December 7, 2010 into room 605 at the Holiday Inn Downtown. After laying down in bed and watching TV I noticed something crawling out of the corner of my eye. After jumping out of bed I realized that the bed was crawling with bugs. Noticed this same room was listed on the registry back in August. I was moved to another room, no problems with the new room. Next day Room 605 and the others near by were being treated.

I stay at this hotel quite often and had heard about the bed bug situation. I asked one of the managers and he told me the hotel had a few incidents from April through August of this year and had taken extensive steps to make sure the situation was taken care of. In his words "they had spent tens of thousands of dollars investigating, spraying, and even brought in a bed bug sniffing dog." He said they haven't had one reported incident since the end of August when the dog started being used.

It seemed to me they took this very seriously and had addressed the issue.

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Stayed in room 504, in March of 2010 for four days. Big mistake. Couldn't figure out what was biting me until I caught one of the critters crawling across the pillow in broad daylight.

Hotel drove me to a pharmacy and paid for cortisone cream and Benadryl, but that was the only compensation I ever got, other than an email about two weeks later saying that they had "corrected" the problem.

I was traumatized by the experience and disgusted by the hotel management's apparent nonchalance abo

ut it.

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We stayed in room 605 in August 27th 2010. This is the holiday inn downtown lincoln. Came in at midnight and found my husband covered in bedbugs. The undisturbed second bed also covered in bed bugs. We checked out promptly. The bed bugs were only noticeable at night and not when we first checked into the room. Classic bedbugs that you can wikipedia. We took some pictures. This was incredibly disgusting. Definitely check your room after dark for bedbugs. They were obvious because they crawl all o

ver the pillows, bedspread and ON you both large ones and smaller nymphs. We also called the health department and they have said this holiday inn has been reported in the past. This is the 4th report this year of bed bugs in this hotel. I just called the holiday monday morning and they have no idea that we left because of bed bugs even though we reported this when we checked out. Hopefully we will get a refund. I will update this review onto whether or not a refund is actually issued.

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On the 26 of APR I stayed in room 1501 at the Holiday Inn in Lincoln, NE. The second day of my stay I started to itch on my back and upper left arm, by the morning of the 28th I had over two hundred red welts on my upper body. I contacted the hotel Manager, Mr. William Giraledez, who said that this was a 'hazard' of hotel stays and that he would gladly comp me two nights stay and pay for my medical expenses and laundry, and move me to a new room, which he did.

At first I just bought some

Hydrocortisone Cream which did little to stop the itching, by the end of the third day I had to visit the 'Linc Clinc, to get a cortisone shot for the itching. After which I went to Wal-Mart to purchase bug foggers for my new room and luggage, not wanting to transport the bug’s home w/ me. I'm still suffering from the bites a week later; my body is covered in over 200 red, scratched raw, bite marks. The swelling has gone down somewhat and I'm waiting to see if I've transported them to my home.

This has been by far my worst adult bug experience. I will never take the children’s 'don't let the bed bugs bite' night time saying the same ever again. I am a priority club member of the Holiday Inn chain and am considering never staying at this hotel chain again.

I have a three year old daughter at home and would be beside myself if she had to be subjected to such physical torture, because that is exactly what the bites are, Two Hundred small red swollen torture bites...

I highly recommend that before you bring any of your personal luggage into any hotel room that you pull back the bed covering, down to the mattress and inspect for anything other than clean, dirt and bug free accommodations. YOU DO NOT WANT TO EXPERIENCE BED BUGS….

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