Cornhusker the A Marriott Hotel
333 S 13th St
Lincoln, NE 68508-2516

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I have worked at the hotel for a year, and I constantly ask the cleaning staff about bedbugs. So far they've never had a story for me, and to my knowledge, we have not had bedbugs the entire time I have worked there. I ask all the time because a relative of mine got them after staying in a hotel in Montana and it was a nightmare!!

I'm a low-level employee of this place. We had a room hit with bedbugs about a year ago, but we luckily got on top of it, and it didn't spread. Hasn't been a case since. No worries, folks.

October 2009
Stayed in room and discovered bites the next day. When confronted the hotel lied and said they had had it checked. 2 days later the GM called and said they were having it checked out. Hotel claimed that the room was not infested. Would not stay there if I was you.

I stayed at this hotel a while back and I will never stay again! I was walking to my room and I overheard employees of the hotel talking about bed bugs. Later that day they left the door wide open, and it was stripped from top to bottom. The hallway reaked of bug spray. Watch out!!

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