Quality Hotel and Convention Center
2205 Osborne Dr E
Hastings, NE 68901-2633

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Stayed for one night in July 2014. The room was fine, but woke up at 4 am to find a bug in my bed. After researching i found it was a bed bug, i checked around more and they were in the pillow cases. It did have blood in it when i squished it. I didn't stick around, but will never stay there again. I choose this hotel because I figured it should be a decent room for $99 per night. I was disappointed with the cleanliness of the hotel.

On January 19, 2013 Myself and a family member stayed here. My family member had a room and it looked clean then i went to my room and unlocked the door to find a smelly dirty room. I immediately turned the lights on and went into the bathroom to put my luggage in there while i attend to a bedbug inspection. Immediately, i pull up the corners of the sheets and inspect the side of the mattress and in between the bar that holds the bed, checked all areas of the bed and i found evidence of dry bloo

d on areas on the side of the mattress and the sheet underneath the sheet. I found tiny brown bugs, and bugs that looked rather clear in body. I thought it was all in my head. Then i inspected the second bed. Same thing. During this inspection i also discovered plenty of old food, candy, confetti, crumbs, and guewy stuff on th. Walls, bed, sheets, side of toilet, floor, carpet. This is just some of the items i saw. Needless to say, i immediately rolled my luggage out of that room and went to the checkin desk. The people at the checkin desk were helpful and i explained to them my bad experience in that room. They said, they would check it. They gave me another room on the second floor away from the original room. That room i did the inspection. There were no evidence of bugs on this bed it was a new matress. But in the bathroom on the crevets of where the wall meets the floor there was black dead bugs along with clear ones. I asked them for extra large plastic bags and bagged everything up. Of course, i was thankful to leave there. I will NEVER stay there again. Inspite of new owners or no new owners, renovations, or even AAA approved i wont stay there. The second room was cleaner than the first... but still dirty. My suggestion, dont stay there. If you do remember you might take some hitch hikers along with you within 7 days. Research bedbugs they can live 12 months on one feeding. Scale of 1 - 10, negative zero.

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We stayed at this hotel March 4, 2011. We heard about the incident of the one bed bug find, and asked the staff if in fact they had reports. We were directed to the General Manager.
The Manager was kind enough to let us inspect any room of our choice that was available.
When I asked him of any incidents of bed bugs, he stated that someone recently claimed they found ONE bug.
Our Group reported no incidents, and are very happy as we love the accomodations of this facility.

On February 19th, 2011 we stayed at the Quality Hotel and Convention Center in Hastings, Nebraska. My roommate woke up in the middle of the night. Her ipod was on the pillow next to her. When she picked up the ipod, she saw a bug underneath it. We took the bug to the restroom, killed it and it bled red blood. We researched bed bugs online and the bug looked just like the bugs in the photos. We contacted the front desk and the manager. They stated that they have not had any reported cases of be

d bugs. We moved all of our stuff to another room and placed it all in the bathroom tub and bagged everything. We did not use the room except to shower and did not use the bed, coach or floor. Before we took our stuff home, we went straight to the laundry mat and washed and dried all clothing on high. We then took the items that could not be laundered and placed them in deep freezers. With all of these measures, we are hopeful that we did not bring any bed bugs home with us.

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