Microtel Inn
5013 Hayes Pl W
Wilson, NC 27896-9740

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Hi I stayed at this motel on 10/4/13 and expericed a clean room [113] with NO bugs at all. I think this motel be given a good report.

Hi All,

Just stayed here on 7/6/13 and I got a room with 2 queen beds (room 224) and we had NO issues of bed bugs. There was 4 adults and two kids in the room.

I checked in on the night of January 4th and was reassured to see that the hotel had a notice that suggested they had an A rating for cleanliness. I fell asleep at about midnight and was awoken at 2:00 am with extremely itchy bites. I checked the mattress and discovered that there was no covering over it or the mattress pad. I found many huge, full of my blood, bugs and several smaller ones. I checked the other bed and found a virtual nest of them in the box spring cover nearest the headboa

rd. The night clerk moved me to a room on the second floor which did have coverings and when I checked, didn't seem to have bed bugs. I slept a restless sleep from about 5 to 6:20 am. When I asked to talk to the manager, it was refused many, many times. I wanted to show the manager what the problem was. I was able to show the housekeepers my iphone photos, so at least they know. The front desk person refused to refund my credit card. I was very upset by their response., especially as I was not making a public announcement and trying to keep it quiet. They obviously have no protocol in place for this type of problem. It was room 123.

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