Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Kalispell
275 Treeline Rd
Kalispell, MT

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This is a follow up to my July 2013 stay at the Holiday Inn in Kalispell, MT. After reporting the issue to the manager he informed me that the hotel had no vacancies. He advised me that he would correct the problem and made reservations at a locate hotel. Holiday Inn paid for the remaining two nights of our stay. The actions taken by the hotel manager were above and beyond what I had expected. Things go wrong from time to time with the services companies porvide but what matters is how the situ

ation is resolved. This is an outstanding hotel that I would use again on a return trip to Glacier National Park.

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Original reservation was for July 5 thru July 8 2013. On our first night at this hotel my son found small black bugs on the sheet. My wife later found bugs in her bed. The bugs were clearly not bedbugs or fleas but they still left bite marks. When my wife went down to the front desk she overheard another guest complain about bugs in her room. The attendant explained that small beetles from the field have made there way into the west side of the hotel. The attendant at the desk said she would hav

e the room sprayed but my concern was the use of pesticides and the exposure we would have to them. Instead she said that the cleaning staff would deep clean the carpet but that never happened when the room was cleaned. On Saturday, July 6 I was sitting in the lobby and listened to another guest complain about the same problem. This problem is several months old based on the prior complaint and the management has failed to correct the problem

Once we leave this hotel all of our clothing will have to be cleaned to prevent the introduction of the pest to our home.

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We stayed overnight May 19/13 in suite 244. I woke up in the morning with itchy bumps in a straight line up the side of my lower left leg. About 11 bites all in a row. It is May 26 today and they are starting to disappear but have been incredibly itchy for the last 8 days.
We are a family of 4 and only one of us was bitten.
I contacted the hotel to let them know and have received no response, no recognition of the same.

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