Motel 6
1203 Highway 45 N
Columbus, MS 99999

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Just today 3/25/2014, I noticed one adult bedbug crawling directly on the freaking bed on my 10th day of stay there. Three days prior, I noticed I had some bite marks on my back, left leg and right arm, and thought nothing else of it, until I found myself scratching those areas all day everyday. Still shrugged it off cause I just knew there were no bedbugs here. Boy was I wrong this time. I wrapped it up in a sock and took it to the front desk, where I found out the manager is overseas chillin a

nd the person in charge is head of housekeeping. They denied it was a bedbug and said it was a tick. Then they was gonna put me in another room about 4 doors down, then they said no to that and tried to say they came from me or my dogs and didn't want it to spread so I had it out with them cause they insulted me and I let them know it. I've stayed here last year for a month with no problems, but I was on the other side of the building. Before traveling, I also check bedbug websites for ALL the hotels I stay at and when it showed nothing for Motel 6 here is Columbus, MS, I said this is a good place(since I been here before), but not anymore. Never again. Especially if they won't own up to having bedbugs and saying it's a tick and that I bought them in. I'm definitely calling corporate of Motel 6 and complain.

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