The Chase Park Plaza
212 N Kingshighway Blvd
St Louis, MO

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Everything about this hotel was wonderful and perfect. The problems started after we checked out and came home to find that we did not just have a suitcase and memories from our trip, we had some hitch hikers from our stay: BEDBUGS. I immediately called the management to report this problem, and they stated that it was impossible for me to have gotten bed bugs from the hotel and I must have gotten them elsewhere in my travels. First I drove to the hotel and back, second I did not go anywhere els

e during my stay that would have exposed me to bedbugs, and finally the hotel manager said that they had received another complaint from another visitor and both of these complaints were unfounded. Now one complaint maybe I could see, but two says that something is amiss. The hotel is concerned about their perfect image that they will probably let that hotel become overrun before they do anything to correct this issue. We had to have an exterminator come and treat our house, and their professional opinion was that the infestation did match the timeline for our visit. Watch out and check your belongings this hotel is in total denial of any problem.

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