Renaissance Grand Hotel
505 N 7th St
St Louis, MO

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I stayed at the Renaissance Grand hotel as part of a wedding group on July 6th, 2013. I checked into room 1428 around 4pm on Saturday night and quickly got dressed for the wedding. I was out of the hotel room until midnight attending the party. I was not outside and therefore could not have been bitten while out that evening. I woke up on Sunday morning around 530 am with my right arm feeling like it was on fire. I turned on a light and looked and there were three huge welts on my wrist and

forearm. One of the welts had three small bites in a row and the others had single bites. I also had one additional bite on my other arm. I sleep with my arms under my pillow towards the top of the bed. Immediately and disgusted, I packed my bags and went downstairs to complain. The lady at reception looked at my arm and called her boss. I could hear their conversation and the receptionist told her boss that it looked like bed bugs to her. I fully intended to keep this experience quiet between the hotel and myself, but the way it was handled has caused me to share my story. I was brought to a quiet corner of the lobby and spoke with a security guard who took down my information. He agreed that it looked bad and advised me to seek medical attention if I needed. I explained that I understood that sometimes there are bed bugs in hotels but that I did not feel I should have to pay for my night staying in the hotel, considering the experience I was enduring. My arm continued to swell all day on Sunday and when I woke up on Monday morning there was a clear red line running up my arm along my vein. I was forced to postpone my road trip and go to an emergency room to be treated. The doctors in the ER confirmed the bites and told me that I had a "strep" infection from the bugs that bite me. As a result, I have to be on a strong antibiotic. I calmly spoke with Marriott claims about my experience and they promised me it would be looked into by a "third" party. Marriott claims called me back a week later to inform me that they did not find bugs and therefore was nothing they could/would do for me. I find this service to be deplorable. A hotel must be responsible for what occurs in their hotel rooms and Marriott has completely shirked responsibility in the face of medical proof. DO NOT STAY HERE.

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I travel to St. Louis frequently (at least once a week every month). I have stayed at this hotel at least 10 x for periods between 3-5 nights. I have never found bed bugs in any room that I have stayed in. I just wanted to share since the hotel staff is so wonderful and my rooms have always been very well taken care of.

I just stayed there during the week of Feb. 14th, 2011. I was a little creeped out by the first report of bed bugs in room 517, so I ripped my sheets off the bed as soon as I got there and checked every seam on the mattress and box spring. No bed bugs - yay!! It was a good stay. They even gave me fresh sheets and remade my bed that first night that I checked in - no questions asked. Their staff was extremely friendly.

I stayed here 10/6/10 - 10/9/10.

I too called ahead and asked if they were having a problem with bed bugs, they said no. Several of the staff members I talked to said they had never heard of the hotel having a bed bug problem.

I stayed in 2 different rooms in the tower, both rooms were clean and free of bed bugs. I did not have any encouter with, nor did I feel like either room had a problem with bed bugs.

I called ahead & told them they were on the bedbug registry page. They denied there had been any problem. I reluctantly went ahead and attended my conference in mid September 2010, and stayed in room 622. I did as I had read, and put my luggage on the bathroom floor as I walked in for the 1st time. That room had two queen beds, and I literally tore both of them apart looking for any "signs". Next, I took my flashlight and looked behind the attached headboard, as I heard a radio program about li

kely areas of congregation of the bugs. Clean! Very clean! I am very, very pleased to tell you there were absolutely NO SIGN of any bugs. Let me tell you, I was THRILLED!

Was this because I called ahead and they had my account flagged? I do not know, but I think this site does need to read my event. I owe it to the Hotel, and was thankful I was not staying on the 5th floor where someone reported them on this site. Thanks! A great Hotel, and I had a great stay!

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Stayed there for the annual NSDC conference at the beginning of December 2009. Woke up after my first night stay covered in bed bug bites. Was in room 517. They were concentrated on my chest and legs. Had to go to the doctor to get ointment to calm the itching on my skin and had to take benedryl to keep myself from itching. Room looked clean and it was a very nice hotel. Unfortunately, they have a beg bug problem.

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