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My husband found bed bugs and was bitten by one or two. They are gonna move him, but he is not to happy. Just a few days ago the changed hid bedding and gave him a dirty hair filled pillow, then he brought it down and asked for a new one. He was told they didn't have any new pillows. The girl and her manager took the pillow in the back and were laughing. When they returned the pillow to my husband under the assumption that it was a clean pillow. He saw that they gave him the same pillow and pil

low case but put a second pillow case over it. He did write corporate, but they actually did nothing. Now today he was bitten and caught a few bed bugs. He went down to the office and who was there? The same nasty girl. She didn't know any numbers of her mangers she told my husband. Well, he did get a hold of the manager on his own but they only are moving him to another room. I think he should call corporate again and demand his money back and put him up somewhere else. I can't believe that they didn't fire there staff for the pillow incident. And now bed bugs. Oh, but they are gonna give him some quarters to wash his clothes, how nice. NOT

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