Drury Plaza Hotel St Louis
2 S 4th St
St Louis, MO

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7th floor overlooking the 4th street side. DH with DD getting us ready to check out in the a.m., I decide to take a nap on the bed. I wake up and see something crawling on the white sheet. My first thought was: a flea; I pinched it between my fingers then squished it between my nails. It wasn't hard like a flea but full of blood. I bring it to the window to get better light; it doesn't look like a flea. Look up on the internet all about bed bugs. It was a young bed bug. We look all ove

r ourselves for indications of bites; my DH finds the telltale "breakfast, lunch, dinner" three bites in a row on his leg. We report it to the Asst. Gen. Mgr.; basically, a "thank you for informing us" kind of response. We scramble to bag our clothes and belongings, buy some new clothes and find a laudromat. Call and report it to the city health dept.; they said they'd do an inspection of the room. Only after the hotel's following morning meeting did we get a call saying they'd reimburse our laundry bill; the stay was comp'd.

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