Drury Hotels
N 20th St & Market St
St Louis, MO 63103

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July 17-23 2015 I was bitten by bed bugs and found them in my sheets. This was on the 6th floor. Talked to manager was not too concerned. I had to go to the Dr. And get a steroid so gross! They do not change your sheets every night. I tried calling to see if someone was staying in the same room after I left they would not let the call go through.

We stayed at 2211 Market St at the Pear Tree Inn on 3/14-3/16 my daughter had brought her blanket and pillow with her and after we returned home the next couple of nights she woke up with bed bug bights... We just assume she got them from there we have never had such a problem before...

23 - 26 November 2011 (Thanksgiving weekend)


Have stayed at and enjoyed Drury for years. This time, checked in, spread my stuff and the kids all over the floor, beds, sofa, etc. . Had dinner, came back, relaxing in bed and checked The Report. RECENT activity at Drury. Bummer.

I immediately thought would have gone elsewhere had I known this. Won't say exact room for anonymity, but 500's.

I ripped the bedsheets off and started i

nspecting. I could find NO sign of the little bastids what so ever - but the box springs are on a box on the floor which I did not feel like getting under. Carpet is brown anyway - woulda been hard to see anything.

over the 3 nights there, my youngest daughter had a row of 5 bites on her leg one morning. About 5 days after departure I found another row of 5 bites on my back - and come to find out that they can take up to 2 weeks to appear and itch.

I discussed with the manager while there who was attentive, interested and not at all dismissive. He called my cell (with my permission) about a week later and told me that the room had been examined by a professional and no sign was found.

It is completely possible the roll away (youngest child) was on had them, Also possible they are under stuff I couldn't get to.

Upon arrival home NOTHING went into the house. We all stripped in the laundry room and laundered everything *I hope, I hope, I hope that kills ANYTHING that might have ridden home*. Everything that came in was treated with bedbug rated pesticides or laundered and dried at a hot temperature for 40 min. I treated the entire inside of the car with pesticide, and for good measure the carpet dusted with diatomacious earth and vaccumed enough to leave a trace dusting.

I treated all the baggage TWICE with two different types of pesticides, practically soaking the seams. They are still outside on the covered porch.

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I woke up on 10/22/2011 and had sime red marks around my arm near my elbow that itchesd. By the next day the area was getting more inflamed and itchy.

When I explained how it looked the manager on duty said it didn't sound like bed bugs.

I called the hotel on 10/24 and they assured me they would have the room inspected. Waiting to hear back.

I checked in on August 8th, 2011; didn't even think to check for bed bugs ( will never make that mistake again) when I got up the morning after my stay (on August 10th) at home, I found a row of 20+ bites on my left shoulder, a row of 15 on the inside of my left arm that look like a child's bite semi-circle, and 25 or so clustered at the base of my neck in back (I sleep on my side.) Disgusting! I just complained by email to Drury; will have to wait and see if they respond with the requested refu


see full report...

its gross disgusting...bed bugs..the floors are stickey, rooms are aweful smelly...etc..never ever stay here!!!!!

Stayed late Aug in room 517. I noticed one in the bathroom and killed it. I went out to look over the bed and when I pulled up the pillow another ran out from under it. Management did move me to another room which seemed to be ok.

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