Best Western Westport Park Hotel
2434 Old Dorsett Rd
Maryland Heights, MO 63043-2415

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I stayed in this quality Inn overnight on Nov. 9, 2013 in room 422. The whole place was unclean, the carpets were stained and in need of vaccuming, the beds were uncomfortable at best. When there was an issue with my credit card (my bank froze it thinking it was stolen) the desk employee sent the security guard to my room to have me go back to the desk, but I wasnt there yet. I was looking for a parking place. There was NO where to park. I ended up parking down a hill by some construction eq

uipment and was very leary walking all the way back to the hotel entrance by myself as there were NO working lights in the parking lot. This is a scary experience for a single woman! By the time I made it back to the desk, my 15 yr old daughter called me from the room upset that the security guard was at the room yelling at her to leave and had even sat in a chair in the hallway to "watch" her! This is unacceptable!
Not only that, the beds were terrible, the TV only had 2 channels that came in clearly, there was a 1/2 inch gap between the air conditioner and the wall that was plugged with kleenex! There was some kind of worm/larvae on the shower wall, the shower curtain was dirty and covered with the previous guests' blue body wash and the shower water vacillated between ice cold and scalding hot without me even touching the faucet! The AC/heat was so loud when it kicked on I couldnt sleep! The worse part?? Hours after leaving I realized I had several very large bedbug bites on my arms! I emailed them but Im sure nothing will come of it.

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This is a Quality Inn not a Best Western Hotel. My family stayed at this Quality Inn from July 2-6th. We booked two rooms yet they were not together and the hotel was not willing to accomodate us by giving us rooms that were together, so half the family was on the 1st floor and the other half was on the 4th floor. On the way to our room we encountered some spiders in a corner and very dirty carpet in the elevator. The room was average but could have been better. And it smelled of cigarette smo

ke the whole time. During our stay we also encountered bed bugs!!! Which we confirmed from our doctor. My entire family was bitten by these bedbugs. Although we reported it to the management and they said they would cll an exterminator and call me back. But when they called me they said the exterminator found nothing, well that's not what my doctor says! I would never stay in this hotel again and would not recommend it to anyone.

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I stayed at this Quality inn hotel and i stayed on the fourth floor and was bitten serveral times while my stay. I thought maybe they were mosquitoe bites in the hotel but to find out that they were bed bug bites wtf.Contacted the manager of this and they will call the exterminator and then said they did not find anything it is obivious there reputation is on the line. Wow i cant believed how they did not we need to have they azz stay in the room a couple of days. We had to take it a step furt

her and call the health department and wait on there result. If you stay please check out the room first and dont stay around the holiday .

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The name at this location is Quality Inn Westport Hotel. I spent 4 days here with my family and it was horrible because I thought the mosquitos were biting me. My son got bit and my wife, my brother whose room was on the 4 floor was bitten also!! I realized it was bed bugs on the night before we were to check out because a bedbug was crawling on my arm, I thought it was a small roach at first. The itching got worst and the bites marks turned red then I finally got back home and went to urgent ca

re where they confirmed bedbug bites!!!!!!! I wish we could post pics because I have them!!!
We told the manager Joe before we left and they said they would get an exterminator out, the next day we called and they said the same thing, so we reported to the board of health. We are waiting the results!!!!

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