Days Inn Near Worlds of Fun
7100 Ne Parvin Rd
Kansas City, MO 64117-1570

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i was here for few times and stayed in different rooms but had no problems.

June of 2008 I was staying in KC for 4 weeks. My Extended Stay America room wasn't ready (which BTW was great), so I decided to stay here for one night. Checking in I was assigned a room, and then the manager piped up "Oh he's only here one night? Room 110 will work better." Sure enough - got bedbugs, and the manager ABSOLUTELY had to know they were there. That's why it was okay for the sucker here for only one night. AVOID this Days Inn at all costs!

Just to update the report I read (after) checking in on 9/12/2010. Bed bugs in room 213 reported to hotel front desk and was given room 210. Will be contacting Manager and followup on what needs to be done(fumigate and refund for days in room).

A year ago my friend and I stayed at this hotel. I had noticed how dirty the rooms were like not even vacumed. I called room service right away to change the sheets they were dirty and had a bunch of blood spots on them. They came and did the sheets but that was it. My friend and I went here for a mini vacation. So we went out and got munchies and stuff for the weekend. I had noticed bugs up near the ceiling and was wondering what the heck they were. I never suspected BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were also traces of black spots on the walls. Later that night my friend and I were watching movies and eating pizza when I noticed some big bug came running across my bed thought it was a roach. Went to office to report and show the bug so the manager didn't say much. I googled roach and bed bug came right up and they looked like the bugs on the ceiling. I freaked out. So I was lucky to had looked up roach otherwise I woulda never known. I slept in that room on fri and figured this out Sat. As I came back too the room I found them crawling in my friends bed I woke him up and we left right away. I had called and talked to the general manager when I got back to Minnesota and they only gave me a credit of 25.00. That was such a horrible resolution. They could have gave me credit for both nights. I will never in life stay at any days inn branch everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I have been scared, I am scared to stay in other hotels, it was the most grossest and disquesting experience I have ever in my life experienced. This place does NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMER'S WHAT SO EVER. DO NOT STAY AT THIS LOCATION....

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This is just a follow up to my prior post. I noticed that it is listed as the Best Western Near Worlds of Fun, however, they have changed names and it is now a Days Inn, it's been that way for over 2 years from what I understand.

Hope this clears up any confusion with my prior post.

I stayed at this Days Inn on September 23, 2009 in room 110.

I woke up the following morning to find my arms itching very badly. Having been exposed to bed bugs once before I immediately suspected them. I pulled back the blanket's and found one crawling on the sheet. I picked that one up and placed it in a plastic cup. I then removed the headboard from the wall and found two more.

I went to the front desk with the live bugs to report it to the hotel. The clerk just acted like it was n

o big deal, that it's happened before. He commented that they would have to gut the entire room to get rid of the problem.

I provided my phone number so that the manager could call me and I could talk to them about the problem, but I never received a call, I'm assuming they just don't care that much about their customers.

This is the second time I have received bites from bed bugs from this chain of hotel, I don't think I'll be doing business with the Days Inn anytime soon after this last episode.

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