Black Bear Casino Resort
On I-35 Hwy 210
Carlton, MN 55718

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We stayed here on May 23, 2013. I searched the room the best I could with the poor lighting. I did noticed the matress and box springs of both beds had encasements on them. So it was hard to lift the matress to check properly. During the search I came up with nothing. However, when we fell asleep around 1am we were awoken by what like like bugs crawling on us. Then I threw the covers off and shined a light. There were bed bugs every where. Some were engorged others hadn't fed yet. I was shocked.

Here I have my 7 month baby boy and my 4 year old daughter there and they had bite marks on them. I grabbed them and left all our stuff behind. My husband tried to report it but the hotel manager was not in. They offed us another new but we refused because I already had to wake my kids up abruptly, shower them, bag their clothes, and redress them. They were crabby and I was disgusted by the bugs I saw on my babies and the bed. I'm shocked they even book this roomed out. They obviously knew of their bed bug problem given the encasements on the mattresses and box springs. None of the other rooms we have stayed have these encasements and we stay there 2-4 times a month. Regardless we will not be returning.

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