Comfort Inn Munising
E 9589 State Highway M28
Munising, MI 99999

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My friend and I stayed 2 nights at the Comfort Inn in Munising. I always do a quick bed bug check upon arrival and didn't see anything to concern me - no excrement or blood stains, no bugs, etc. On the 2nd night, my friend called and asked me to come and see if what she found crawling in her bed was a bed bug. I used my Iphone to positively identify it. We talked to the hotel who promptly offered to move my friend and me if desired. Upon looking a 2nd time, I found 1 crawling on a pillow on

the other bed. The hotel was very good to us and promptly moved us to the far end of the hotel. They said they would be quarantining the rooms and told us to put all of our belongings in a dryer at a laundromat for 1 hour. Two days later, I have several "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" bites, although my friend has none. We put luggage,shoes and clothing in the dryer, and then upon arriving home, re-washed and dried clothing. We're still researching how to eliminate bed bugs from the car in case we transferred them in the car and how to get rid of them in our computers. Major pain in the butt!

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