Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
6800 E Soaring Eagle Blvd
Mt Pleasant, MI 48858-8432

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We have stayed at the resort twice, once in August & once in Sept. (29th). Found nothing wrong. The room was clean, beds were very comfortable. Very nice shower, never had such wonderful accommodations. The staff was very courteous & professional. Never found anything wrong with sheets on our beds. Will stay there again. I am a member of the Hero's club in conjunction with the resort. This is an offer to servicemen & veterans to stay 1 night a month for free. There are other perks offered by the

resort in conjunction with this program. My wife & myself have never had such wonderful rooms to stay in ever. I am 72 years old, wife 71. I highly recommend this resort to anyone that is thinking of staying there.

Jerry K.
Flushing, Michigan

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Ok, so the previous report about the lady waking up itching her neck was false. I am part of the staff that went to check her room...we tore that place apart and not a bug was found. She stated that both her and her husband had bites on their neck, but I couldn't see anything. She also refused to move'd think if she actually had seen a bed bug she would want out of that room ASAP. Sounds to me like she was fishing for compensation and didn't get any so she's posting on here out of sp

ite. I've worked there long enough to know that there's no length people won't go to to get something for free.

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I woke up itching my neck knew immediately to check the mattress pad
As we pulled it up there was a bed bug crawling away.
My husband had bites as well
Called management and pulled sheets back to reveal dropping marks in the cover that are supposed to prevent this

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