Ramada Plaza Hotel
3333 28th St Se
Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1632

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On the night of July 26 th I returned to my room on the 2nd floor around 1:30 am to find a small bug on my pillow. I isolated the little critter in a paper cup and checked the internet. No one wanted this to be something other than a bed bug more than I did! I tried to convince myself that my eyes were playing tricks on me. The pictures matched!!! Exactly!!! I was horrified. When I showed it to the general manager he did acknowledge it as a bed bug. They did handle me in a rather professio

nal manner but...this hotel has bedbugs.

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This is a second-hand report, although I do know for a fact that my friend has since had bedbugs in her home. Her cousin stayed at this hotel in December of 2011, and left after one night because he saw bedbugs. Four months later, she had bedbugs in her own house. I realize that they could've come from anywhere, but there was a sighting at this location not too long ago.

Bed Bugs - I stayed there in Oct/2011; I think the hotel is OK, but not 2.5 stars. I found a bed bug in a room so I put it into a plastic bag and gave it to them. I think it came with housekeeping from another room. I was moved to a different room, but was very uncomfortable, after double checking everything I had to make sure I am bug free, I left the next day. Got about 40% charges back and were offered 2 free nights on my next say, but I would never stay there again. I think they have bed bug

problem, but won’t say.

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On 3/3/2012 I stayed at ramada plaza (3rd floor) with my flight crew. I checked my bed for evidence of bugs and found a couple of suspicious coffee ground looking particles which were probably bed bug droppings. I didn't find any bugs though and wasn't certain so I stayed in the room. My fellow crew member was right accross the hall. He woke up with several (10+) welts on his body which fit all the descriptions of bed bug bites. Hotel in general could be much cleaner and needs to take better p

est control measures.

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This is an unsubstantiated comment. The Ramada has a preventative pest control service provided by Orkin pest control every two weeks.

We have been using Orkin for almost 3 years and have not had one confirmed bed bug case. Of course – this could happen tomorrow at
any hotel in the country and could happen to us as well. The difference is that if we had a confirmed bed bug case, we would react immediately to eliminate the issue.

If you have any questions regarding this issue,

please contact the General
Manager at 616-949-9222 Ext 7610

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I have been staying at the Ramada Plaza hotel for over a month, Sunday through Thursday, ending the week of April 14, 2010. In that time, I first encountered what I thought to be an allergic reaction or rash about three weeks ago, but has since spread across my body, starting at the hands, and now worked its way down my legs and up my torso.

This first started after staying in a room on the first floor and continued after staying 4th, 2nd and 3rd floor rooms.

I had no idea what this was un

til I finally 'googled' bedbug bits out of frustration (and itching)... And lo and behold, I was a victim of bedbugs.

It really, really freaks me out. As a business traveler, I have never ever encountered this problem until the last three weeks. I am horrified and disgusted and now worried I have brought the little [email protected] home with me.

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