Holiday Inn Gateway Center
5353 Gateway Ctr
Flint, MI 48507-3980

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I was sitting on my bed watching TV and saw a bed bug walking toward me. I killed it and it was full of blood. (unfortunately I was here last night as well) I called the desk and they moved me to another room. But when the manager came up to give me the new room key she did not want to see the bug or even enter the room and she was holding her pants up above ankle level. This reaction speaks volumes, and tells me this is not the first incident she has had to deal with. If it was I am

sure she would not have been so quickly and easily convinced. I have been told pest control will be in tomorrow to check the room but I know what I saw and there are thousands of pictures online. I was in room 336, odd that it is just down the hall from another incident reported on here.

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I am a Flight Attendant so I regular screen my bed for Bedbugs before settling in (Occupational Hazard...sigh) and on 1/24/11 in room 344 I pulled back the corners and there was a bedbug (just a single one, not yet engorged)...I promptly called the front desk and asked to switch rooms which they did. The other room the put me in was clear.

My wife is a flight attendant and we've just been investigating all the bites shes gotten recently. She suspected that our dog had fleas but when I asked her why she thought the fleas were biting her and not me, I suggested she had been bitten by bedbugs and it probably wasn't while she was home.

Looking at all her recent hotel stays (past month) the only one that is listed here as having a bed bug report is the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in Flint. I know this doesn't prove that it is in this

hotel where she got the bites, but since her stay was 7/22/2010 and the other report mentions 8/2/2010, I think the odds are pretty good that it is this hotel where she got the bites.

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I stayed at the Holiday Inn 5353 Gateway Centre Drive Flint Michigan 48507 on Aug 2, 2010. I was in room and when I pulled pack the covers there was a bed bug in the bed, that had already feasted and was full of blood. I called the front desk and they sent up someone to inspect it and she took the bug with her to show to the pest control service. The staff requested that I keep the same room and simply change the sheets, which I declined. I then went back downstairs to get a new room. I spoke to

the front desk managaer who told me that "they hadn't confirmed that their was really a bug in my bed." Although an employee had come and personally taken the bug away. I told her that I had photographed the bug and showed her the photograph, which I will attach in the email. I showed her the photograph and she responded "what is that? I can't tell that's a bug." She exhibited through her words and her actions that she couldn't care less about the entire appalling situation. I asked to speak to a manager and she told me there was no one higher than her to speak too. Eventually I got the general manager email through another employee at the front desk. I have also emailed him to inform him of the situation, and received no response. They relocated me to another room, which I went to and the key didn't work, so again (for the third time) I had to go back downstairs and get another key. The front desk crew was extremely rude and unaccomadating and didn't seem to care at all that they had a room that had bed bugs in the bed.
I have posted this on TripAdvisor as well with a photo of the bedbug

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