Holiday Inn Battle Creek Hotel
12812 Harper Village Dr, Battle Creek, Mi 49015
Battle Creek, MI

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I checked in on Monday May 20 about 3:30 pm. I woke up on Wednesday, May 22 about 7 am. I noticed a bug in my sheets. I put it in a napkin and then caught another one and put it in a napkin. I also noticed a blood spot on the side of the bed I didn't sleep on. On the other bed the duvet had a cluster of small bugs around it and they were crawling on the pillows. I google imaged bed bugs and held the bugs I captured up to the image and it appeared to match to me. All signs and symptoms posted on

the internet were present. The hotel moved me rooms and called the exterminator. The exterminator told me he was "99.9%" sure it was not a bed bug and possibly a mite of some kind. They tore apart the room and I saw nothing behind headboards or under the mattresses. I felt of course the hotel is not going to confirm it was bed bugs because of the publicity. They gave me money to put my clothes in the dryers and they also took my suitcase to put it in the hotel dryers. I didn't have any bites on my body that I noticed but I am certain these were bed bugs. They tried to tell me it was kids that stayed there previously that played baseball and brought in bugs from the outside. They gave me a free breakfast. Hardly what I would do if a guest had this happen.

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