American Inn of Bethesda
8130 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814-3624

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I visited this hotel on Nov. 12, 2014. I did not get problem at that time. But unfortunately carried one bug back home in the suitcase. I got bedbug problem right after this visit at my bedroom. I abandoned my bed, slept in the living room sofa for two months and still dare not to go back to the bed to sleep.

The hotel should take care this problem for their customers.


I was at the American Inn of Bethesda on August 18. After I got back to my home, we had bedbug issues after few days at home.

We never had such issues in past, and this is my first travel out of my home in several months. After reading a review about bed bug infestation at this hotel I think there is a possibility that this hotel is still infested.

The hotel management should have the units inspected by an exterminator.

Good Afternoon:
Thank you for your review on October 28, 2010. Providing a safe and pest-free hotel is our goal and for that we engage the services of a professional pest control company which uses the latest techniques in proactive and reactive control of pests. Upon reading your review our trained staff as well as our pest control contractor have attended to the room to ensure its pest free. We look forward to serving your future accommodation needs.

Thank you for bringing this to our a

ttention, we always appreciate any guest feed back.

Dan Appolonio, CHA
General Manager
The American Inn of Bethesda

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10/28/10 I was staying in a king room on the 4th floor and just before going to bed noticed a bug walking across a pillow on the bed. It was light brown, about 6-7 mm long, and had darker stripes on its abdomen. I'd never seen a bedbug before so I looked up a picture on the web and the picture matched what I saw.

I flushed it down the toilet, looked around the bed and under the mattress and didn't see any more. I saw what might have been one fecal spot on the sheets.

I reported it to the f

ront desk the next morning (when I was checking out).

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