Tremont Suites
222 St Paul Pl
Baltimore, MD 21202-2002

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I stayed one night on the 34th floor (can't remember the room number) on 12/12/12. The next day, after I had checked out, I started scratching my itchy arm. It turns out I had two bed bug bites about 3" below my right wrist and one on my back.

I was supposed to return to the hotel the following Saturday so called and cancelled my reservation. The woman I spoke to said the hotel was careful to have all the rooms regularly inspected for bed bugs. I found that quite amusing since bed bugs are in

credibly difficult to find. No casual inspection can have much of a success rate.

She then went on to encourage me to consider the hotel for future travel. I couldn't resist myself and told her I would NEVER return to that hotel.

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Stayed here at the beginning of this month and was covered in bites - more than 20 on each leg alone.
When I went to the staff they were very accommodating and helped have all my things cleaned etc. and a new room, however management denied all knowledge and facts and made out that I was making a fuss over nothing.

I stayed at the Tremont for a conference from 9-11-12 to 9-14-12, my bathroom was quite dirty. I arrived home on the evening of 9-14-12; by 9-15-12 I noticed several bites on both ankles and feet. The itching is intense. I'm using over-the-counter itch-relief. I was notified on 9-17-2012 that a fellow traveler who stayed at that hotel had been to the emergency room for bed-bug bites; I saw my provider today and had the bites examined. I have the incident documented and will continue to use an it

ch-relief cream or liquid to alleviate the itch. My worry is bringing the insects home although I haven't seen any on my luggage.

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on september 11, 2012 i checked in to the tremont suites, in baltimore md. i am a registered nurse, there for a convention with other md's and rn's and pharmacists. on september 12,2012, while in a conference, i noticed my left arm and hand had numerous bites. i thought it had been a mosquito and didn;t give the bites much thought. the following day, sept 13, i noticed the bites were now red, swollen, and very itchy. the itching was excruciating. this made it very hard to focus on the subject

matter that i had traveled a long way to receive. the area continued to swell throughout the day, and i applied ice and took benadryl, per a fellow pharmacist and md's advice. the next day sept 14, the bite areas were even more swollen, hot red hard, and itchy the skin broke open and began to weep. by this time the conference was wrapping up. i checked out of the hotel, and on the advice of 3 md's a nurse and a pharmacist i went to an urgent care. the physician's assistant at the urgent care said it looked like classic bed bug bites that had become infected. he asked where i stayed while in baltimore, and i told him the tremont suites on st paul place. he said he used to work across the street at mercy emergency, and had many guests from the hotel present to him with bed bug bites and subsequent infections. save your time money and health -- don't stay at the tremont suites on st. paul place. by the way, when i mentioned that i had been bitten by something, the front desk staff would not make eye contact or acknowledge my concern.

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Today we encountered bed bugs in our room at the Tremont Plaza Hotel on St Paul Street. It was awful and the hotel did not know how to handle, the management was clueless and after talking with someone at the front desk, a maid and a maintenance worker, all three told me, seperate of each other, that the Tremont had many problems in the past with bed bugs but were told not to tell anyone and they were scared even telling me but I think they felt sorry for us and wanted the story to get out. This

hotel is dirty and even with the so called remodeling, they obviously do not know how to clean a room. They have a deli in the hotel which was unsanitary, no gloves being worn by the workers when making food, no hair nets for some and attitudes galore..... BED BUGS, are you kidding me, we have bumps all over our body and will be going to the hospital shortly but I wanted to make sure everyone knew NOT TO STAY at the Tremont Hotel in Baltimore.

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