Radisson Plaza Lord
20 W Baltimore St
Baltimore, MD

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Absolutely ridiculous we were woken around 4 am felt something crawling & biting us as well turned om lights & discovetex several itchy welts mostly in torso area pulled nack covers and found 3 reddish brown bugs put them in plastic cup called management everything was hush hush no apology or reconcilation whatsoever we checked out at 5am what a bad ending

Will not be returning to the Lord Baltimore. Woke up in the middle of the night and felt something crawling on my shoulder and on my hand. Had never seen bedbugs before but immediately put them in a covered glass and looked up pictures on the internet. Looked exactly like the pictures. Went downstairs to the desk and showed them the bugs.
We asked if they had had any reports about bedbugs and they did not answer the question and by not answering they answered the question!

My girlfriend and I stayed at this hotel on october 14th and unfortunately we brought home some of the guests that stayed in our room with us that evening. These guests happen to crawl into our luggage and continued thier vacation at our home in PA. Precisely in our boxsprings and mattress. Thats rights, our house has been contaminated with bedbugs and since then, our life has been miserable. We have to replace furniture and wash any fabric in several rooms just so an exterminator can come resol

ve the problem. This stay cost us an amount that could have paid for an all enclusive weeks vacation. Thanks a lot Lord Baltimore. I would never recommend staying here

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Have any of the concerns / issues reported been resolved?
We will be staying for a few days in 2 rooms and was hoping for the best possible stay, without bed bugs would be great
I see the last report was 2 months ago
Does the hotel take this serious and work towards making the guest happy

June 5-7, 2011

Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore

25 bed bug bites

driving me crazy


Well...I must tell you. I have travelled to cities all over this great country of ours. Not only do I think Baltimore is the mostest wonderful city in the USofA but this hotel is the bomb.

I stayed there for 4 nites and didnt find no bugs of any kind, specially of the bed bug variety.

I can't comment on those peoples that gave this joint a bad rep, but I can't agree to it neither.


I spent one night at this hotel and will never come back. Not only was one of the towels streaked with mascara and the air conditioning unit taped poorly into the window (so I could hear all the street noises below), but I woke up with bites all over my feet and back. A horrible experience.

I stayed at this hotel from May 26-May 31 2010. The last night there, I got 3 red, itchy bumps all in a straight line. 3-4 more have appeared per day since then, and it's been 3 days. I read that bedbug bites can take at least a couple of days, even more, to appear. I'm hoping I didn't bring any home with me- I didn't realize what it might be until my suitcase had been sitting in my bedroom overnight.

I guess I can't say for sure that these are bedbugs, but they have the telltale straight-li

ne pattern, and look just like at least one of the pictures I've seen of the bites. They are most definitely not flea bites, mosquito bites, hives, or any kind of spider bit I've ever had before.

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I stayed in this hotel for 3 nights and on the third night woke up at 2 am, turned on a light and found a bedbug on the bed. I killed it and my blood came out. Over the next 3-4 days, i have developed over a 100 red bumps and rash areas that have been confirmed as bed bug bites. I am not terrified that I may have transferred some to my home and now am trying to decontaminate everything. Do not stay at this hotel!!! Two of my coworkers have the bites as well and we were all on different floors of

the hotel.

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