MT Vernon Hotel
24 W Franklin St
Baltimore, MD 21201-5006

Found 3 reports:

Checked in on Nov 15th and stayed there 3 nights. After I went back home, I felt itchy on my hand first and then I found many itchy red dots on my skin. Today I met my doctor and found that was bite by bedbug. I booked through travel agent and am still waiting for their solution with Mount Vernon Hotel.

We checked into the MT Vernon Hotel on the night of Nov. 20, 2013. Our room number was 411. After about an hour of sleep we woke to a realization we were being bitten, and spotted 3 bedbugs on our bed which we smashed. My husband went down to the desk; they sent up a maintenance man who took photos. I told the clerk I didn't want to be transferred to a room immediately next door or above or below. The transferred us to room 211. I had several bites but my husband had multiple bites across

his upper back, upper arms and neck. We took photos with our camera of our bites. Things seem to have improved on the night of Nov 21, but during our last night there (Nov 22) we discovered new bites. Now there were some on my husband's thigh and I had a new one on my shoulder. We had prepaid for our stay (Hotwire); the hotel said they would deduct the cost of only one night's stay. After suffering these very itchy bites, having to get up and pack in the middle of the night, and having difficulty sleeping due to the anxiety over the situation, we would have hoped for more.

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Checked in on a Monday afternoon. Around midnight, right before going to bed, I found bedbugs crawling around on the blanket in between the comforter and the bedsheet. I took a photo - would be happy to share.

When I informed the front desk they seemed completely unconcerned.