Holiday Inn Express Baltimore at the Stadiums Hotel
1701 Russell St
Baltimore, MD 21230-2024

Found 2 reports:

May 2014. A few of my coworkers and I were here for work on business. Two of us got bitten by bedbugs and brought it to the attention of the front desk, all they did was apologize and switch rooms. I doubt that they did anything about it, cause the rooms we were switched out of was just cleaned regularly and given right to someone else.

August 2, 2011 My daughter and I woke up in the morning with bites. Mine on one leg and hers were underneath both arms. I believe it was from the duvet covers on each of the beds in the hotel room. We showed the desk clerk our bites and she apologized but wouldn't refund the night's stay.
We went to the doctor upon our return home and he identified the bites as bed bug bites.
The hotel claimed that they had checked the room, called in professional exterminaters and found no evidence of be

d bugs... I didn't think they would. Why would the hotel admit to having bed bugs.
The bites havent cleared up and I will probably have to go back to the doctor to deal with the allergic reaction I am having.

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