Holiday Inn Express Baltimore-Downtown - Hotel
221 N Gay St
Baltimore, MD 21202-4811

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Stayed one night here because my flights were very delayed and I didn't want to drive home so late at night. The sheets and bedding looked clean. I did see a small brown bug in the room but didn't think anything of it since it was nighttime and the summertime. The next morning I went directly to work. In the afternoon, I saw I had a bug bite on my back/side. It was weird that a mosquito would bite me at work under all my clothes, but I ignored it. Then when I was going home I felt an itch on my

stomach. Again, under my clothes, a bug had managed to bite me. I looked at the second spot and it had three tiny red dots instead of a single bite. I checked the internet and my bite marks are consistent with bedbugs, as was the small brown bug I had seen the night before. My boyfriend was pissed I was coming back home possibly bringing back bedbugs. I would not stay at this hotel again, even though the people were friendly and they had free breakfast. Unfortunate.

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