Holiday Inn Baltimore Inner Harbor (Dwtn)
301 W Lombard St
Baltimore, MD 21201-2507

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Spent 4 nights there. I was wondering why I wasn't sleeping well and how mosquitoes or some other critters managed to bite me. Finally saw a bed bug scurrying around.

They moved me to a new room and refunded a night and offered a free breakfast. I quarantined my clothes and suitcase and cleaned thoroughly. After being bed bug free for months, they turned up in my apartment, presumably some eggs that were in my suitcase or my clothes.



My family and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Baltimore Inner Harbor July 28 - 29, 2013. The room was just ok as far as being clean. I did check under the sheet but in my then ignorance of such did not check the box spring (bed bug favorite place ) or behind the headboard (first place I now know to look). Apparently, we took bedbugs home with us! Now about $1600 later and an entire week of vacation time, hopefully they are gone. Check behind the headboard, the box spring and behind any pictures

on the walls that are removable before you bring anything in to the room!!!

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April 5, 2013. We checked in late at night and were given room 625. I did my typical bed bug check as soon as we got into the room. I didn't have to look hard, found one crawling where the fitted sheet meets the box spring. We walked right back out of the room and checked out of the hotel. Staff were just barely apologetic and offered no solutions/compensations when we told them we wanted to leave. They did refund with no argument.

Found a bedbugs crawling across the mattress after staying there for 3 days. Getting ready to head home and reallllly hoping we don't bring any with us. We plan to wash all our clothes at a laundrymat but unsure how to clean or decontaminate our luggage.

Was booked for this hotel. Found a bed bug crawling on the mattress. We were quickly moves to another room. Be careful.

We woke up at 5 am with a bedbug scurrying across a pillow. Then found more on the box springs under the dust ruffle. Hotel staff very kind and took very good care of us but now have to worry that we brought bedbugs home with us.

I was bitten by bedbugs in a room on the 9th floor of the Days Inn Inner Harbor while they attending a conference on June 5, 2009. I had over 30 bites which I discovered by noon the next day.