Hilton Baltimore
7 E Redwood St
Baltimore, MD 21202-1103

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we used Priceline's 'name your own price' method to reserve (and pay for) a 4 star hotel in Baltimore( for Dec 10th-11th.
The Hilton Baltimore Covention Ctr(Pratt St) was the hotel we were given. When we then checked the 'Bedbug Registry', we learned of a reported bedbug incident and immediately contacted Priceline, stating we did NOT wish to stay at a hotel with a confirmed bedbug incident. It took forever till we could speak to a human being at Priceline. They got back to us, stating tha

t they had spoken to the Hilton, and, unsurprisingly, were told Hilton had had 1 reported incident, had fixed the problem, and there was now no bedbug problem. Neither Hilton nor Priceline would allow a cancellation.
Needless to say, we did not, and never will stay at any hotel with a confirmed bedbug report. We 'kissed goodbye' to our already charged payment, and stayed instead at the Marriot Waterfront, a lovely hotel.
Warning: If you ever intend to use Priceline's 'Name your own Price' method, you MUST check EVERY hotel Priceline lists in the star category you plan to use, for reports of bedbugs.

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Recently, I stayed at this hotel(10-30-11 to 11-2--11) while at a business conference and I was bitten by bed bugs. I had bumps on my body and I saw the tell tale small stains of blood on my pillow. The hotel staff was very unhealthful. They requested that I complete an " accident report" and then they did nothing! There are many quality hotels in the Inner Habor that conduct business in a professional manner. This place is not worth your hard earned money.

This report concerns the Hilton on 401 West Pratt in Baltimore.

I was bitten four times on my forearm by an adult bed bug in the middle of the night of June 20, 2010. I was traveling to Baltimore with my wife and two small children, aged 8 and 2, for outpatient surgery the next day. We stayed in Room 919 and slept in separate beds. Around 3 a.m. I felt the itch, turned on the light, investigated for a mosquito or spider and pulled back the pillow. There on one of them was a very small,

almost-round, auburn-colored beetle scurrying fast across the white pillow. I flicked it hard a few times with my fingernail and killed it; my blood dripped across the fabric. I photographed it. We called downstairs and at about 3:45 an “engineer” arrived with insecticide and pliers. He promptly identified it as a bed bug and crushed the carcass with his tool. For the next 45 minutes we were interviewed, made to complete a lengthy security form and moved to another room on another floor (Room 1536). Later that morning, I had shoulder surgery.

We could not return to New York until the next day. We grew frustrated by the difficulty of being reasonably compensated for the room, inconvenience, discomfort, clothes cleaning and luggage replacement costs. Websites confirmed that it was a bed bug, and we contacted experts who advised us about the costly risks associated with bringing bugs home. Still Hilton management resisted anything but the idea that this was a) not a bed bug, b) an isolated experience or c) something we had somehow brought with us and carefully planted under the pillow on the far side of the room from our belongings. It became a nightmare ordeal.

I had an allergic reaction to the bites that grew swollen and inflamed for several days and required antibiotics. Eventually, our lodging expenses were waived, but Hilton declined to cover our lost luggage and cleaning request, $300. Needless to say, given the traumatic experience, the conduct of Hilton staff and management and the attempted intimidation by Hilton’s insurance company, we won’t be back and would never recommend this hotel to others.

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