401 W Pratt St
Baltimore, MD 21201-1629

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Found live bed bug on one of the bed's pillows in room 602 when we came back to our room at 11 pm. Took security 30 minutes to respond and arrive at our room. We captured the bed bug in a cup to confirm with hotel staff. They moved us to another room but did not offer to launder clothing or clean suitcases (I had to ask), and we were charged for all 5 nights of our stay. When I followed up with the front desk a day and a half after we found the bed bug they didn't seem to have any record of our

report, which left me seriously concerned about whether they actually addressed the infected room appropriately. I will not stay at this location again.

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Stayed here 12/4/14-12/7/14 in room 1557. Got 25ish bites on my hands, face, neck, shoulders, and around my hips (presumably where my shirt met my pants while sleeping). Noticed a few bites on my wrist after the first night I was there and checked the bed for any sign of bugs, but saw nothing. Ended up having an allergic reaction to the bites and needed a cortisone shot. Ugh. Would have notified hotel management, but I've been too busy obsessively cleaning my house and doing laundry like th

ere's no tomorrow.

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July 2014

We came home after spending 5 days here and my son had some strange bites on him. We didn't think much of it, until they continued. Finally, I noticed some strange blood spots in his bed plus I found a live bug, and figured out what they were. Luckily, the rest of the family was spared.

Just returned from 8 day stay at the Hilton (10/24/13-11/1/13). I have multiple bites (20+) on my shoulders, arms and a few on my legs. These suckers had a great meal! I'm hoping and praying I didn't take any home with me. I was staying in one of the Suites so expected it to be "clean". Guess I'll remember to do the bed bug check the next time I travel.

I admit, I am upset right now.

I just the Baltimore Grand Prix early due to an incident at the Baltimore Hilton.

I traveled to Baltimore on 30 Aug 2013 to stay 2 nights with my family for the Baltimore Grand Prix. We stayed at the Baltimore Hilton on Pratt street and reserved two rooms as we usually do when we travel with our four kids (double beds). The rooms were room #551 and #1732. My wife was in #551 (both daughters and youngest son) and I was in #1732 with oldest son. This was our se

cond stay at this Hilton location.

When my son and I returned to our room on Saturday night, neither of our hotel rooms keys worked. I used the elevator lobby phone to call the front desk and was told that the hotel would be sending up security to assist. I thought that was odd. The response I had expected was to come to the front desk and they would rekey the room. Additionally, there were towels and bed sheets in the hallway on the floor just outside of our room. I mentioned the pile of towels and sheets to my son and asked why housekeeping would leave a mess outside of our room. I commented that the towels and sheets should not have come from our room because the room had been made up by housekeeping earlier in the day. I thought that housekeeping was being lazy and dropped laundry from other rooms next to our door.

Security soon arrived and explained the room was locked by security due to an engineering problem. The officer stated that we would need to relocate to another room so that engineering could fix the problem. My son and I thought it had something to do with the leaking toilet in our room that I had reported on the Friday night when we arrived, 30 August 2013. On the Friday night when we arrived, the bathroom toilet was running continuously, and you could hear the running water. I called the front desk to report the issue. An engineer came up and identified that the flushometer gasket needed to be replaced. He left the room and soon returned with the gasket, did the install, and the problem was resolved. I told the security officer that the leaking toilet had been repaired and we were not having any issues. The officer identified that the issue likely involved adjacent rooms and that hotel engineering needed access to our room to make the necessary repair. I looked around the room and could see no identifiable issue that was wrong.

I indicated to the officer that my son and I would relocate but my son asked me to ensure the new room still had a view of the Grand Prix race track. I explained our cooperation to the officer. The officer later stated that a manager was on the way up with our new room and key cards. When the hotel manager arrived, I restated the fact that the toilet had been repaired and I did not see anything wrong with the room. He insisted on the room change. We (the manager, security officer, my son and I) walked together up to room #1830. I stated that #1732 had a better view (being lower) and asked if they had any rooms that were lower. My son expressed his disappointment that the race view would get worst and not better. The manager stated he would do what he could. We agree, that my son and I would return to room #1732 and wait for the manager to contact us with a lower room assignment. At that time I was thinking it could even be on the same 17th floor. Room #1830 was practically right above #1732, so I was also thinking what the problem could be that created a need for my son and I to change rooms. My son and I packed our bags and waited in room #1732 talking and watching television until the manager returned with another set of keys to room #1230. On Friday when we arrived to the hotel, my son and I had asked if the hotel had any rooms available on lower floors and were denied, stating the hotel absolutely could not move us to a lower floor. Our reservation for the race event was made in June of 2013. My son was agreeable with the view from room #1230 and we changed rooms. Neither the hotel manager nor security officer identified what the problem was. My son and I called my wife and daughter to inform them of the change, took showers and went to bed.

On Sunday morning (today), I noticed my 13 year old son had a bump/rash on his neck. A closer look revealed, the same red bumps on his back, arms, torso, and neck. There were 136 bed bug bites on his body. The reason for hotel changing the room all came crashing together. There had been bed bugs. I was angry and upset. My son explained he woke up with the bites on Saturday morning. There were so many of them, I felt the previous room had to be infested. As a precaution, I checked the beds in the current room for signs of bed bugs or other pests. I took the sheets, and mattress covers off. I sat my son down and explained what bed bugs were and that he should have let either his mom or me know sooner about the bites. I checked his bags and my bags for signs of any pests since we unknowingly could have transported pests from one room to another. My wife soon joined us in room #1230 and my son showed her his bites. Now we were both upset. My wife gave me a magnifying glass from her purse (she is visually challenged), and I checked the beds again.

I went downstairs to speak with the hotel management, and explained that I now knew why the room change was necessary and was upset that the hotel failed to disclose the true reason. The morning manager explained the decision was made by the head of their safety and security department, and that he would have him contact me. I later met with the head of Safety and Security, Julius, to discuss the issue and completed a hotel incident report. During the meeting, I believe Julius continued to try to mislead me. He identified there was a brown water issues causing a need to relocate guests from the area. Plumbing systems would have impacted all rooms supported on the plumbing riser, so that was not likely unless a significant number of guests were being relocated. In the conversation, it was indicated that several guests were relocated from their rooms thinking there was a brown water issue. Julius finally identified that it was a pest issue and that the pest contactor would be responding. I felt like I had to badger to get a truthful answer. The towels and sheets on the floor outside of our room were part of the hotel purging other rooms where guest had been relocated. The sheets should not have been left there. He then suggested that it was I that had reported the issues. I expressed that I did not report the issue, and asked "How was the issue reported?", to which I did not get an answer. Because of the event, Julius identified the hotel would not charge me for the stay. I left my sons and my cloths at the hotel to be laundered and mailed to my home to prevent transferring any pest to my home (my suggestion). I asked for large trash bags, which I used to bag the suitcase that I did bring home, which I left in the garbage bag in my garage until I can go through each item to ensure I don't bring any pest into the house.

1.I feel the hotel should have disclosed the reason why move was required.
2.I feel the hotel knew there was a pest issue in advance of even booking the room.
3.I feel the entire event was grossly mishandled.
a.My son and I should have not been allowed back into room #1732 multiple times without disclosure.
b.My son and I unknowingly transferred luggage from one room to another without notification of the issue
c.Other guests likely did the same unknowingly
d.There were several other issues with the hotels process that I also noted.
4.The number of bites my son received is outrageous. Either the housekeeper identified obvious signs when cleaning the room, or the infestation was multiple rooms. We should have been notified of what the issue was.
5.I do believe the hotel security and engineering entered the room (#1732) and searched our property while we were out of the room.
6.I believe the hotels primary objective was not to alert the thousands of guests attending the Grand Prix event of the bed bug issue, which trumped the need of the impacted guests to know what was truly going on.

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Multiple bugs and blood trails found in room 1 and two bugs found in second room.

Was bitten on the left ankle in three (3) places. I removed the blankets/covers and found one bug that online research proved to be a bed bug.