Best Western Hotel & Conference Center
5625 Odonnell St
Baltimore, MD 21224-4630

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I was bitten by bugs in the night. I did not see any bugs, but I feel that there were bugs there. I reported it to the on line survey.


Was planning on staying the night before my medical licensing exam and decided to change my shirt before bed. As I removed my shirt, I saw a large bed bug on my right shoulder feeding. I promptly left. Just what I needed 36 hours before the biggest exam of my life. Ugh

Stayed here for one night on 1/30/14. Had 7 bites on my torso and upper leg. Still have the scares from the bites. Very lucky I didn't take any home. Be very vigilant if you decide to stay here. Bag all of your luggage/personals and sleep in minimal/no clothing to avoid bringing them back. Inspect room thouroughly. Personaly I will not step foot in this hotel again.

Stayed at the hotel for over a month due to a family member surgery. I was moved to 3 different rooms in that time (which was fine considering the circumstances) however in the last room I stayed in for two weeks 3 nights before I checked out I found a live bedbug and took if to front desk and showed then they said yes it was a bedbug and they would have a manager call me. Well no phone call to my room and it took me 6 days to finally talk to someone after I left and they said they "inspected"

the room and found nothing after seeing the live sample I showed them. I asked how they inspected k9 or visual and they said visual. They said I brought it in and refused to do one thing for service. I asked to have to 9 days I spent in that room comped (keep on mind I paid for 32 nights due to a family member operation) and they refused. I spent over $100 in preventative measures to make sure I didn't bring anything home with me and then another 600+ in having a k9 dog come to my house to validate it.

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The Best Western was listed as a five star hotel so we thought it was safe.
At check in everything seemed ok and we settled in.
By the next day my roomates had bite marks on several parts of their bodies.
They were sleeping in the bed closest to the door and I had not had any bites so we assumed it was just mosquitoes but the bites kept happening.
Four days we kept seeing more and more bites.
My roomates looked like they had legions on them, severe allergic reactions and welts where these t

hings were biting them.
We found one nymph and I killed it before we could show it to the hotel.
There were stains on all the sheets they were laying on, all the tell tale signs after we started looking for them eggs, etc.
Finally catching one we took it to the hotel clerk and had them inspect the room.
They argued with us and told us they were fleas.
They were not fleas, we found another on the way home, it had bitten me at this point.
The hotel assured us they would contact the health department and get the room inspected.
They also told us they would send the paperwork to us from that inspection.
NONE of that has happened.
In looking at incidents, reviews on the travel advisor and others there are reported incidents dating back to 2009.

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