Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
700 Aliceanna St
Baltimore, MD 21202-4339

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Checked into hotel on 08/24/10 at midnight. the next morning went to a conference but during the day my back was itching. after the conference showered and noticed raised bumps on my right shoulder. I went over to John Hopkins Hospital and the ER doctor diagnosed as bed bug bites. I went back to the marriott and they closed that room down with all of my belongings. The next day they told me that an inspector checked out the room and could not find bed bugs. A relative contacted Fox News and I fo

und out that the hotel did not follow the protocol and contact the public health dept. I left all my clothes at the hotel including luggage. I changed clotes at the airport when I got back home and tossed those clotes including shoes in the trash at the airport. I went to my own doctor the next day and I was again told I had healing bed bug bites and to keep applying the steroid to my back. The hotel didn't listen to me and they were extemely rude. I wasn't paying the room, I was on company time so I didn't have any motivation to lie.

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