Baltimore Inner Harbor Marriott at Camden Yards
110 S Eutaw St
Baltimore, MD

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During my stay this month (Jan/2014), I was bitten 12 times by bed bugs over 2 nights in the room. Each bite inflammation was the size of 50 cent piece or larger. Pretty gross and disfiguring.

Asked twice to speak with the Hotel Manager. Evidently too busy to deal with an injured customer. They sent up a loss prevention employee instead. I showed him the bites. He "documented" the report on a scrap of paper. Later that day, his co-worker in loss prevention did meet with me to discuss further

. I asked twice to speak with the hotel manager and was told they weren't available to speak to me. (Subsequently I have left 3 voicemails over 3 days that have also not been returned by this hotel's staff.)

I was contacted by a Rep from Marriott Corporate and e-mailed her the photos of the bites. She said the hotel had sent in an exterminator and they confirmed bed bugs in the room.

Currently all of my belongings from that trip have been quarantined in my garage in sealed plastic bins. I guess they will have to stay there for months. I am unable to use my suitcase which I rely on for my frequent business trips. I will have to go purchase a new one at my own expense. I still have some visible bite marks on my skin almost 2 weeks later.

Unbelievable the way the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor handled this situation, especially since I am a Gold Member (although even a 1 night stay GUEST be treated well.)

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I stayed here in March 2013 on the 14th floor and by the third night, I couldn't even sleep, I felt I was being crawled upon all over. I had started the evening by sitting at the desk-and-chair for a couple of hours and I wonder if that is where they first decided to jump on my arms and legs. The next morning, I had distinct red bumps on my arms and face.


Upon being informed of concerns regarding suspicion of bed bug bites from guest, we immediately contacted our contracted national pest control company and had the room in question inspected on the same day as the claim. Inspection of the room found no evidence or presence of bed bugs, or any other pest. We informed the guest of the findings. We strive to take care of all guests, but want to also ensure t

hat fair and factual information is published against all claims.

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Checked in on Sunday night, woke up and noticed red marks all over torso and shoulder. No allergies so I knew right away, BEDBUGS! Addressed with hotel, they changed my room and told me a pest control company would investiagte. Later told that the inspections came out "negative" for bedbugs. I told them OK they cant find thewm but I was bit all night in their bed so....???? Corporate called me and told me since the report came back negative then there is nothing they can do. I told them my

report is a "positive" because of all the bite marks on me!! I asked what they would do if bedbugs were found, the only answer they would give me is "depends". Horrible. The only thing they did for me was give me soap to wash my clothes, simply unreal. The ultimate problem is I have to take major precaution and expense to make sure I dont bring thesae bedbugs home. Only Hiltons from now on. BTW I also had no hot water on day 2 as well, stay away from this place!.

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