Econo Lodge West Yarmouth
59 Route 28
West Yarmouth, MA

Found 2 reports:

Checked in on 8/3/12. Lifted mattress pad covers from both double beds and found a live bug on one mattress and a larvae on the other. Never seen a bed bug before, but I think that's what they were. Got refund w/o a problem and left.

Stayed evening of August 27th, room 107. Awakened 3 am by biting on arm. Squashed blood-filled bed bug. Turned over mattress, found numerous bugs and fecal waste along top seam. Checked on web to confirm these were bed bugs, which they were. Took bags and clothes into bathroom, unpacked and inspected all. Found four bugs already in clothing and on luggage, nowhere near bed. Took live bug samples to office at 430 am, demanded refund, which was given, and check out. Clearly wide infestation in the

room. Beware.

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