Holiday Inn Boston Somerville
30 Washington St
Somerville, MA 02143-4446

Found 2 reports:

(follow-up to incident on December 27)

We followed up with the hotel and a representative indicated that the exterminating company found no evidence of bed bugs in that room. The representative also noted that the hotel takes such complaints very seriously and acts upon them immediately.

On December 27 a bit before 10 PM, I saw something on the sheet covering my son, who was asleep in bed. The lights were dim in the room, but not off. I picked up the speck, thinking it was just a crumb or something. But it was a bug, and, on further examination in better light, definitely a bedbug. (Years ago, we had lived in a building with an infestation.)

My husband went down to the front desk, and requested a different room. The hotel seemed ill-prepared to respond to any issues. We

examined both the room we left and the new room to which we were moved, and neither seemed to have any visible evidence of more bugs. We do not know what action, if any, the hotel took to address the situation. We left the next morning.

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