Hyatt Place Boston Medford
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Medford, MA 02155-4609

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April 2012 Bedbugs are there still. Notified management of the room I was in and the bites on my chest arms and back.

I stayed at the hotel one night from Oct 1-2. I stayed in room 819 with my husband. The room appeared clean and I enjoyed my stay there. Upon returning home I noticed bites along my neck and down my chest. I had never experienced anything like them so I assumed they were mosquito bites. Over the next couple of days I have received more bites all over my body. My husband did not have nearly as many so I wasn't sure what the problem could be. I started to do some research on bed bugs and decided t

o have a dog come put to sniff the house and detect the presence of bugs. The dog found them lm my side of the bed and also in our couch. I immediately had my husband contact the hotel to let them know. The asst manager stated she would have someone immediately up to the room and said the actually manager would be contacting us on Monday since he was not in on the weekend. Andrew wardell contacted my husband on Monday and my husband explained the situation. The manager called an exterminator to "visually" inspect the room in daylight. He didn't find anything. He must not understand how small and nocturnal these pests can be. We suggested he use a dog and he stated they were too expensive and not accurate. He also blamed us and said the bugs were in out mattress we purchased 6 months ago! (wonder what the bugs fed on for 6 months). I know the hotel has to try and protect itself but this is a health risk and totally unacceptable response to this. I know have to have all my clothes laundered and our house has been sprayed as of yesterday at a cost of over 1400 dollars for a 189.00 stay at a hotel. They also refuse to cover those costs or refund my room stay. At this point I would love if anyone else who has stayed there wants to contact me. I will be going up the ladder at Hyatt place and will take legal action if necessary. Also social media can be a powerful ally as I know a lot of colleges are in close proximity to the hotel.

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Stayed over one night (10/9) to visit family before driving down to NYC. Was first in 809 but because of the all-night construction being done on on 93 got moved to 528 shortly after midnight. Felt little prickling sensations all night and woke up with welts on my face and arms. Didn't think much about it until I drove to NYC. After one night there, I woke up with more welts on my face and arms and now on my hands, feet and legs. The NYC hotel put me in touch with a doctor who said I had bed bu

g bites. With the hotel's help, I got all my clothing washed at a laundromat across the street and they bagged up my luggage after spraying it with some bed bug chemicals. They also changed all the bedding and, after I talked to them about my concern that there may be still bugs in the room, they brought in a bed bug detecting dog who reported that the room was now clean.

No new bites and the medications the doctor prescribed is clearing up the existing ones. Even though the hotel sprayed my luggage, I have since bought all new ones to replace it in order to ensure that I don't bring the insects back home. Furthermore, I have thrown out the nightgown I wore that night in Boston and my first night in NYC as another preventative measure.

I think that it's ironic that the cheapest hotel night will turn out to be the costliest ($2000 to replace my Tumi luggage). While this wasn't why I chose the Hyatt Place (it was the closest hotel to the nursing home my grandmother is in), rest assured that I will never stay there again.

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Room 703.
In the queen bed closest to the TV (as opposed to the window).
Called the hotel to let them know. They had their bug man out to the room who did not find any bugs whatsoever (so they say). I know I was bitten as the tell-tale sign of blood drops were in the linens in the morning.

My stay at The Hyatt Place was five nights in duration. Randy, the manager, offered to comp me ONE night next time I stay there. This does not satisfy me at all and I am very disappointed with The H

yatt Place, where I have stayed with them numerous times before.

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