Hyannis Harbor Hotel
212 Ocean St
Hyannis, MA

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stayed there 20/21 august 2010 on trip from uk .
Noted dead insect/molt in bed ... thought nothing of it . since then I have clearly reacted badly with multiple insect bites all over but worse on the peripheries ( including typical "breakfast lunch and dinner" bites)Its very miserable and using copius amounts of steroid creams.Fortunately the other members of the party have not reacted.
As always its always difficult to prove these things but I feel that having found a molt in the bed at this

hotel and the timing of the emergence of the bite reaction it is highly probable that I provided the banquet at the hyannis harbor hotel.
I found this site when looking on the net to see if others had been affected at this hotel...I am reporting here to get it off my chest ... I wish it could get the bite reactions off my body!
The diagnosis is not in doubt as I am a medical practitioner.
I`ve since discovered that the bed bug problem is quite common in the boston area....I must admit that having had this nasty reaction to the critters that it puts me off returning from the uk.
ps we have left our luggage in quarantine in the workshop as we dont want to bring any foreign aliens inadvertently into the house.

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