A Friendly Inn at Harvard
1673 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02138

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My husband and I stayed here from June 6-11, 2013. On two of those mornings, I woke up with bites. The first morning it was just three itchy bites lined up along my stomach. The second time, I had 11 bites around my should blade. There was no other evidence of bed bugs. I checked the bed and walls for stains, bugs, etc. But I saw nothing. So I cannot say for sure what bit me. I can only say that I am bitten.

I told the staff about it, and he said that they treat for bed bugs once a year, and

that their mattresses are all wrapped in plastic. (This is true, about the mattresses.) I let him know that bed bugs can live in many other places, and he said he would have the room checked.

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