Holiday Inn Express Boston Hotel
69 Boston St
Boston, MA 02125-1143

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my daughter stayed here this weekend for a conference in boston - i live here in Massachusetts and went up to meet her for dinner - when we got back to her room after dinner she saw a bed bug scurring across the white sheets and so we started looking and saw many more on the curtains and walls - we captured about 6 of them and brought them downstairs to the manager's desk - the maintenance man was also standing there and commented that they thought they "took care" of that area of the hotel - th

e management moved her to another floor but she is leaving that hotel today after washing everything she brought with her. we were very quiet when we were talking to the Holiday Inn Express management about "our problem" but I now feel this situation merits warning others - we are both upset and worry we will bring bed bugs home with us

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I was in Boston for 2 days and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. Woke up with a couple bites on my arm. Once I returned to CA I had welts and they where all over my arms, back and legs.

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