Hilton Boston Logan Airport
85 Terminal Rd
Boston, MA

Found 5 reports:

stayed two nights in April 2012, 8th floor (with my dog), discovered five lingering bites when I got home to the west coast after my flight out the next morning

that might be the dog floor, I think they put me there every time, and I stay there a lot

I'm submitting an update to a report of September 10 at Hilton Boston Logan. I didn't realize bed bug bites often took a few days to appear. My son is usually very reactive to all bites and they were evident immediately. I rarely react to bites and didn't realize how badly I was bitten until the afternoon of 9/12.

The characteristic "breakfast, lunch, dinner" pattern is present, so I assume bed bugs.

Stayed Sept 10, 2011. Had a couple bites but my son had quite a few. Room 326.

stayed in room 625. arrived at 9 pm and left at 6 am. all three occupants with multiple bites.

Found bed bug on 5th floor

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