Hilton Boston Financial District
89 Broad St
Boston, MA 02110

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On 7/28 and 7/29 I stayed at this hotel. The first night they put me in a room on the 7th floor. The bed bugs were vicious, I received bites all over my body and had difficulty sleeping. I wasn't sure what the problem was until it occured to be it must be bed bugs. The hotel graciously moved me to a suite on the 14th floor when I arrived back at the hotel in the evening and guaranteed me that there were no bed bugs. But there was. I did not get bit as much as the first night but did wake u

p with additional bites including bites on my face that were red and swollen. I have to say that management was wonderful to dry clean all my clothes and move me to a much nicer room the second night. The front desk seemed confused that I was bitten in the new room. I got home took a shower and put my existing clothes in a hot wash and dry. I'm not sure anything kills these things and I have non-stop itching since, not sure if I brought them home or whether the bites still sting.

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I got bed bugs from this hotel! I complaint to the management and they promised to get back to me which never happened. From 5/16/2011 to 5/19/2011

I got bed bugs from this hotel! I complaint to the management and they promised to get back to me which never happened.

We got bed bugs from this hotel! They came home with my boys luggage and infected their bedroom at my house.

I went in early August 2010.

How disgusting!

And I see posts about this already - so they knew it and didn't tell us they had the problem

And they didn't have the courtesy to tell us that the room we were in got treated - which I can only HOPE they did!

Checked in September 19, 2010 and checked out
September 23, 2010. We did a thorough inspection
of our room before putting our luggage in harm's
way. We NEVER saw evidence of the little critter's
presence. Spent four very comfortable nights in
our room on the fifteenth floor.

Checked into Hilton for the weekend on 8/18, stayed 3 nights. I had never experienced bed bug bites before, but by the third day of the stay couldn't stop itching a row of bites up my left leg. I thought they were bites I got while out on the water for an evening Duck tour. But, after mentioning it to my mom, and reading a little, I definitely think it was bed bugs.

Can't say for sure, I guess, since I did not inspect the bed, but when I looked up this hotel, there was another report, so

I figured I'd file mine as well...just so people would be on the lookout!

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checked in for one night, 8/28/10. with all the headlines of bed bugs recently and because I travel a lot, I now take off all the sheets and inspect both mattress and box spring and keep my bag in the bathtub until I'm finished. I then checked all the edges and baseboards, curtains, and behind furniture with a small flashlight. I found 3 dead bed bugs behind the TV stand/dresser/mini-bar. I found no traces of active bugs. I checked in at 2am and out at 9am. I had a bite-les

s night. I still kept my bags and clothes in the bathroom. So, beware...somewhere in the hotel are live bed bugs.
Also, all the crevices and corners of the room, behind furniture, under the bed, etc were covered in a fine white powder. This was probably some sort of pest control. I guess it works because they were dead.

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