Farrington Inn
23 Farrington Ave
Boston, MA 02134

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2008-08-08 to 2008-08-10 in room 123, queen-sized bed, second floor, numerous bed bug bites. No luggage rack to keep bags off floor. Roommate in twin bed not affected. Reported to manager but nobody in charge on premises, they promised to call in exterminators and offered another room, but it was too late for me. Many international travelers at this hostel. Suggest you bring flashlight and buy some RID spray and check for these nasty bugs; if you get bitten (and it can be at the best places

) then use cortisone cream and benadryl cream . The bites might not be noticed until you leave and get an allergic reaction to them. Then you will have to wash all your clothes in hot water and clean your luggage well so you do not carry them to another place.

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