Staybridge Suites New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

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Wish I had seen this report BEFORE we stayed in room 304....I am so angry that my family had to go through this, Staybridge obviously knows that this room has a problem and put us there anyway!

We woke up on May 30, 2014 with bites all over us, in places that are hard to treat. Our report caused no surprise with the staff.

After we arrived home, I looked up the bugs we found and then how to treat bedbug bites and found this previous report for our room! I am so very angry!!! Really Staybr

idge, do not put anyone in that room until you have treated the problem! I hope someone sues them for their inconsiderate behavior.

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Room 304, found bed bugs 2nd a.m. there. Was handled quite well by head of housekeeping and front desk. Never saw a manager....moved us, cleaned all our stuff and tore room apart. End of March 2013.

We stayed in the hotel in late December 2012.

I had a nonrefundable reservation booked by someone else and so was dismayed to see the reports here. I printed out several detailed directions on how to search for bedbugs and used them upon checking in to clear the room.

There was absolutely no sign anywhere of bed bugs. Mattresses were spotless. The walls showed no sign of droppings, and so forth.

We stayed for a week and also had no bites, etc.

So IF this location did have bed bugs

, they've dealt with the problem.

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I have stayed at the Staybridge Suites several times with a group of friends and no one has ever complained about bedbugs.

on June 18, 2010 we checked in to our room 1210. That night when we were getting ready for bed, I spotted a bug on the wall. My husband tried to kill it and was unsucessful at first. I then took a picture of it and googled what kind it was. It was a bed bug. We killed the bug and kept it to show the manager. we then started looking a bit closer at the wall. there were lots of tiny red bugs on the wall. When I called the front desk and told them, she said I could come down and she would m

ove me to another room. I told her that I would like the manager to come to my room. When he got to my room I requested the headboard to be taken off the wall. Upon taking it off, we found several more bed bugs of different sizes. I requested that I be moved to another hotel. The manager did take care of us. They moved us to a sister location and refunded us 2 nights of our 3 night stay. They even gave us a bottle of wine.

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June 6th, 2010, Room 1207. Found a bug on the wall, I had never seen a bed bug before but I was suspicious so I looked it up. Sure enough it was a bed beg, I found about 10 more, crawling on the curtains, walls, mattress, etc.

They moved me to a new room, but didn't say much else. Manager never talked to me, even after leaving a voicemail.

Oh well, I definitely won't stay here again.